{{translate text="Notice! Phishing Site (fake website and fake items)"}}

{{translate text="We have recognized that there are several website at where our collection is on sale."}} {{translate text="In the follwoing, those examples will be provided."}} {{translate text="Of course, there also can be other phishing websites similar to them."}}

{{translate text="Please be careful not to deal with them in order to protect your money and personal information."}}
{{translate text="If you feel any doubt about the webpage you are watching, please kindly contact us directly by email, telephone, or LINE."}}

{{translate text="1. Known fake websites / webpages"}}
{{translate text="Following Fig.1-3 show how those webpages look like."}}
{{translate text="Those pages tell you that (1) the item is in discount, and (2) a lot of pieces are available as shown in Fig. 4."}}
{{translate text="Fig. 1 Example of Phishing Site 1"}}
{{translate text="Fig. 2 Example of Phishing Site 2"}}
{{translate text="Fig. 3 Example of Phishing Site 3"}}
{{translate text="Fig. 4 Fraudulent description (1) discount price and (2) numerous inventories"}}
{{translate text="2. When you find those questionalbe webpage"}}
{{translate text="If you happen to visit those website, please don't do anything there and leave immediately."}} {{translate text="And we really appreciate if you happened to have a little bit of time to share the URL with us."}} [ Email: support@byjboutique.jp, LINE ID: @byjboutique ]
{{translate text="We will try to consult with search engine providers such as Google and Yahoo so that those webpage will not appear on search results."}}
{{translate text="This way will keep you and other customers from those phishing sites, as a result, everyone can enjoy shopping on the net with ease."}}