{{translate text="How to change your password"}}

{{translate text="This page describes how to change your passwowrd."}}

1. {{translate text="Log in your account"}}

① {{translate text="Click \"Log in\" link at the upper right of this page, and move to the log-in page."}}
② {{translate text="Type your email address and password in the text box."}}
③ {{translate text="Click \"Submit\". Successful log-in will move to the next account dashboard page."}}

2. {{translate text="Click \"Change password\" in the account dashboard page"}}

① {{translate text="Click \"Change password\" in account informartion area in the account dashboard page."}}
② {{translate text="Password change form will appear in the next page."}}

3. {{translate text="Type current and new passwords"}}

① {{translate text="Type current password."}}
② {{translate text="Type new password. In order to confirm the new password, please kindly type it again in a text box at the right."}}
③ {{translate text="Click \"Save\". Successful change of your password will lead to the next account dashboard page."}}

4. {{translate text="Return to your account dashboard page"}}

① {{translate text="Your account dashboard page will appeer again. There will be a notice of \"Your account information has been saved.\"."}}